10 Years Connectivity Promo

10 Years Connectivity Promo Mix

The sound of Connectivity. Just one more month and JH Kabal opens it’s doors again for Connectivity. 10 Years Connectivity will be a bomb. This set lets you hear what it’s all about: pure techno! I combined new tracks with timeless classics that have been played at previous Connectivity editions. Enjoy the mix, and come to JH Kabal on 15 November for 10 Years Connectivity.

Line up:

REDHEAD (Reda Recordings, Hertz)

DJONA & JAY YOUNG (Tanzstadt, Connectivity, Villabota)

D-TECH (Wildekind Sound)

BIONIC (Connectivity)

HENRIK HIMPERSON & LOKOMOTIV (Connectivity, Three-o-Three)

Tracklist of this set:

  1. Damon Wild – Bang The Acid (Ben Sims Acid Mayhem Mix)
  2. Kevin Saunderson – Uptempo
  3. Funk D’Void – Diabla (Samuel L. Session Mix)
  4. Chris Hawkins – Supercharge
  5. Cave – Love Deluxe
  6. Eric Sand – Bastian
  7. M.I.D.I. – Modern Timeless (Ortin Cam Remix)
  8. Vohkinne – Battery (Ben Sims Remix)
  9. Hertz – Lucky 13 (Adam Beyer Remix)
  10. Neil Landstrumm – Index Revisiting
  11. Collabs 301 – Drippelzimmer
  12. Steve Rachmad – Virton (Chris Liebing Remix)
  13. Forcesupreme – Mojito
  14. The Advent – Ventism
  15. Michael Burkat – Mental Orgasm
  16. Dave The Drummer – One Night In Hackney (Ortin Cam Remix)
  17. Marco Bailey – Platinium (Roku Rework)
  18. Ortin Cam – Windowshopper
  19. Ian Void – The Rascal (Chris McCormack Remix)
  20. Tom Hades – Precaution
  21. Alphaville – Big In Japan

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