DJ gear and tech I use in sets

DJ gear

DJ gear -Ecler EVO 4

Ecler EVO 4

I currently play my home recorded sets with:

  • Ecler EVO 4 mixer
  • Technics SL1200 MK II turntable (15 years old!!)
  • OEM turntable (Also 15 years old!!)
  • Traktor Pro 2.6.8
  • TwistedWave to do some polishing of the sound
  • Versaport USB soundcard
  • Stanton Scratchamp 2 (used as sound card, I don’t use it for final scratch anymore)
  • TouchOSC controller on iPad
  • Pioneer HDJ-1000 headphones
  • Old Kenwood amplifier I ‘borrowed’ from my dad when I started out about 18 years ago, this thing is about 40 years old by now.
  • Old Kenwood speakers that my dad had with his old amp ;-)

Stay tuned for some more clarification about how I use this dj gear (well except for the Kenwood stuff).


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