Green Velvet: live at Fuse 1996

Green Velvet live act information

One of the early live acts of Curtis Jones (using the Green Velvet moniker) at the legendary Brussels based Fuse club. Green Velvet scored club hits with Preacherman, Flash and The Stalker, all of which are featured in this live act. These tracks need no introduction for the techno loving crowd.

Green Velvet will always have a special place in my crate, because the very first vinyl I ever bought was Flash. After that a lot more of his records found their way in my collection. I have actually thought of doing a set that has only Green Velvet tracks in it, keep your eyes on this site because I just might do it in the not too distant future ;-). Anyway enjoy this early live act by this talented producer form Chicago.

More info on Green Velvet can be found at wikipedia.

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