Techno Mix July ’14

Techno mix description

This mix was done to start off the summer with some energetic techno.  The mix consists of mostly new tracks I found while browsing Beatport, with the occasional vinyl mixed in.  I’m starting to get the impression that there are more old school style techno releases coming out.  The proof is in this mix ;-).

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Techno mix tracklist

    1. Intro: DJ Rush – Freaks on a Hubbard
    2. Twowork – I Love Techno
    3. Xilinox – Unnatural
    4. Paul Begge and Philipp Centro – Analog Rave (Ronny Vergara Remix)
    5. Subforce – Convert
  1. Goncalo M – Are You Afraid
  2. Eric Sand – Shake Your Booty
  3. Motor – Junker
  4. Doxa – Noisee
  5. Ethan Fawkes – Go Away
  6. Boriqua Tribez – Machete
  7. AnGy KoRe – With the Cocaine
  8. DJ One Finger – One Finger (Danny Casseau Remix)
  9. Goncalo M – Feeling Alive
  10. Jamie Bissmire – Number and Measure (Chris McCormack Remix)
  11. Karl O’ Connor and Peter Sutton – Let Them Bleed
  12. Redhead – Wiepie
  13. Killian – Carnaval
  14. Tellurians – The Navigator (DJ Misjah Remix)
  15. Umek – Sweet Back
  16. Surgeon – Over Kosovo


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