Kim Wilde Mashup: Cambodia v. The Advent

Kim Wilde Mashup info

This mashup mixes Kim Wilde’s ‘Cambodia’ with a techno track called ‘SoDo4o2′ by The Advent. As with my other mashups this one also originated on the fly during a set I recorded in November ’13. The hard repetitive bassline of SoDo4o2 complements the synth melody of Kim Wilde’s major 80′s hit Cambodia, making this an unusual but effective mashup.

Kim Wilde’s Cambodia was a major hit in 1981 and relies heavily on synths with some far eastern style percussion as a wink to the title of the song.

The Advent is a well established name in the techno scene. Originated in 1993 The Advent started out as a duo of Cisco Ferreira and Colin McBean. As true techno pioneers they released a massive amount of techno tracks during the 90s. Their style was somewhat harder than the usual techno in those days. In 1999 Ferreira continued alone as The Advent and is still bringing out a massive amount of quality releases. The DJ sets and live acts of him are always A class.

More information on the Advent can be found here: Official website

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