Traxus Control: Traktor

Traxus Control: Traktor

The name says it all Traxus Control: Traktor is a template for Lemur designed and developed by Traxus Interactive, and it is totally free! So if you’re a DJ of the digital age and are looking to incorporate tablets in your setup, this is the best solution I’ve come across, and it totally works in a live setting. I’ve done some gigs with a dual iPad setup controlling Traktor running on my notebook.


With Traxus Control: Traktor you can control every feature Traktor has to offer through touching and swiping on your iPad or Android tablet. There are other templates out there for Lemur, TouchOsc etc. There are also a lot of hardware controllers for Traktor, but if you’re going that way you need multiple controllers as no one controller features every Traktor function. Traxus Control: Traktor however has it all! Large platters, hotcue triggering and creating, beat jumping, looping, very neat controls for Traktor effects, control over remix decks completely with sequencer!! The possibilities are endless. You can also easily use multiple tablets, like I do. I run a two deck setup for my sets where I put deck A with effects on one iPad and deck B with effects on the other. I also put the handy file navigator on both iPads.

Traxus Control: Traktor in action

Here’s a video of me doing a live mashup of ‘Lena’ by 2 Belgen and ‘Moog on Acid’ by Steve Rachmad. I do a little bit of effects control at the beginning, trigger loops and hotcues during the rest of the song. This is only a fraction of what Traxus Control: Traktor can do. Come back to my site for more posts about DJ’ing with tablets in the digital age!

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